Nov 10
Bid ended

Emergency Request for Proposals for Hurricane Zeta Debris Removal and Disposal Services

Bay St. Louis, MS (G-NR-E)


Bidding Closed

Bid Date11/10/20 12:00pm

Company & Contacts

James J. Chiniche, Civil Engineer

Jason Chiniche

The City of Bay St. Louis, Mississippi has experienced damages due to Hurricane Zeta occurring on October 28, 2020 and October 29, 2020, resulting in widespread public services damage. The vegetation and other debris resulting from this devastating hurricane overwhelms the existing resources of the City of Bay St. Louis, (“hereinafter “City”). Accordingly, the City is seeking a qualified Contractor (hereinafter “Contractor”), to perform the scope of work addressed in this Emergency Request for Proposals (RFP). All proposals must be properly certified by the entity bidding for the work and signed by an officer, director or owner that has authority to bind and commit the Contractor to perform said work and services.

Firms or companies desiring to provide services, as described in the Scope of Work,
shall submit sealed proposals in an original and eight (8) complete copies
not later than 12:00 p.m. CDT, Tuesday, November 10, 2020, to the
City of Bay St. Louis, MS, 688 Highway 90, Bay St. Louis, MS 39520.

Unless modified in writing by the City, as set forth herein, a submitted proposal shall remain in full force and effect until the proposal is either rejected by the City of if accepted and awarded, until the contract work is fully completed with a certificate of completion being executed therewith.

Offers by telephone or telegram shall not be accepted. Also, proposers are instructed NOT to fax or email their proposal. Faxed or emailed proposals shall be rejected as non-responsive regardless of where the fax or email is received.

Contractor proposers are cautioned that they are responsible for the delivery of their proposal to the specific location cited above. Therefore, if the proposal is delivered by an express mail carrier or by any other means, it is the proposer’s responsibility to ensure delivery to the above address. This City will not be responsible for deliveries made to any place other than the specified address.